With the idea of developing an informal artist collective from the MASKS project, Eric Schaftlein (France) and Gerd Lepic (Germany) are opening a path from temporary and content-limited action to sustainable collaboration among artists:

  • trans-European,
  • in critical discourse on issues of cross-European importance,
  • interdisciplinary.

In April and May 2020, more than 40 artists from seven European countries took part in the MASKS project, a collective work on the meaning of the mask in the period of the Corona pandemic. MASKS thus marks the beginning of a series of actions which pursue and further develop these objectives. There are a number of important topics in Europe that should be dealt with artistically - a look at the internet appearances of our participants shows that artists are already taking good care of them. ARTISTS IN MASKS work as acrobats, action artists, arrangers, authors, designers, sculptors, set designers, clowns, poets, conductors, entertainers, photographers, graphic artists, editors, illustrators, instrumental soloists, journalists, composers, critics, songwriters, painters, music teachers, sculptors, singers, actors, writers, draughtsmen, and many more.
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If you would like to join us, please feel free to fill in the AiM application form

We are proud to be featured in the euroArt 2020 Activity Report !
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