In the words of our Scottish MEP Alyn Smith in 2019
“We celebrate international solidarity; we celebrate freedom of movement. If the European Union did not exist, we would need to invent something like it and Scotland would like to be part of it.”
He finished by saying:
“Chers colleagues, I’m not asking you to solve our domestic discussions. I am asking you to leave a light on so we can find our way home.”

In seeking your support, we will create an exhibition and body of work where the world can gain a real understanding of a Scotland at the heart of Europe.
With this in mind and our fervent hope for such a future, we ask you as Artists in Masks to create one or two pieces of work which will give us hope for our shared values, culture and friendships.
Confirming that a warm welcome awaits Scotland on her return to the European Union.

EXHIBITION: September 2023
This may be a virtual of physical exhibition depending on both funding and venue availability and of course the corona virus situation. Ideally a physical exhibition