La Réjane

la rejane la rejane cdUnder the mask of La Réjane hides the musician and composer Hélène Argo. Very discreet, she has chosen for alias two words scribbled in a childhood notebook, found as an adult in a forgotten attic. A notebook with pages filled with the beginnings of stories, sketched portraits, fragments of poems and thoughts, whose rediscovery makes her realize how much the French language means to her. She had forgotten it a little, this language of childhood, often exiled to other rhythms, rhymes and phrases, deliciously plunging into the foreign grammars of English and Portuguese.
For this first solo EP in French, she drew her inspiration from everywhere: from the treasure of the attic, from an eclectic culture of books, images and beloved sounds, from the notes taken all the time while observing the world and the people - their mysteries and torments. Lyrics and music emerged from the concert, alone or with the help of multi-instrumentalist Thomas Cœuriot, who signs the realization and arrangements of the EP and co-signs the composition of several titles.

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