Watercolour artist and ceramist
Argyll, Scotland

CatrionaCatriona is a retired Arts Development Officer with a lifelong passion and love of Watercolour painting. “They fascinate me, they are so vibrant and seem to have a life and mind of their own, like life itself – unpredictable”

The West Coast of Scotland is her inspiration, land and lochs, seas and skies from Cowal to the Highlands and Islands. She loves her islands and many of her paintings are taken from various visits to and stays on the Isle of Arran, Tiree, Jura, Skye, Islay, Colonsay, Gigha, Harris and Lewis and of course St Kilda. All these places hold a mystery about them, that captures the heart. Her immediate surroundings and garden too provide lots of interesting material.

She is a member of COWAL OPEN STUDIOS, where she was Chair for three years overseeing all the many aspects of such a venture. COS is an annual September event and a fine opportunity to visit many artists in the Cowal area of Argyll during one long weekend.

She is an Artist Member of the Paisley Arts Institute

Currently exhibiting at; Castle Gallery, Rothesay; Stables Gallery, Inveraray; Seagull Gallery, Gourock; Jetty Gallery, Oban and in the annual PAI exhibition - Paisley. She has held many solo and joint exhibitions where her work has found its way to New Zealand, Germany, South Africa and many different regions of the UK from Cornwall to Lewis.

She runs watercolour classes in the Cowal area from time to time, concentrating on the freedom of painting in watercolours through different techniques where participants can create and develop their own style.

CERAMICS She also creates hand-built one-off ceramics, which can range from secret boxes to wall hangings or whatever inspires on the day, a song, a poem, some quirky wee happening. She works organically which allows the clay to inform her as to what shape and form things will take. Local beaches often gift interesting handles for pots and boxes.

About Europe :
As scots we have always been European through the arts, sciences and common ideals. We are dismayed at the UK leaving the European Union, but this will not stop our love and need to share what is important in life.

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A Touch of Summer Balimartine Tiree  Blue Moon by Strachur
A Touch of Summer Balimartine Tiree Blue Moon by Strachur
Cinsider the Iris 1A   Ceramic Compilation
Cinsider the Iris -1A retour Ceramic Compilation