Bernbeuren, Germany

PortraitBernhard Kölbl is a co-founder of the Murnau artists' association with his Tusculum studio. He was its first chairman for 16 years.

Leon Golub had the greatest influence and the greatest role model effect in his training. Like him, Kölbl sees himself as committed as a socially integrated person and the resulting responsibility for his artistic work.

In his works he expresses his personal state of mind, but he also sees himself in a never-ending dialogue with the community and in conversation with others, always aware that everyone feels the world from their own individual and socially shaped self.

A particular concern for him is the contact with artists from other regions and cultural circles. He regularly participates in events organized by euroArt, an association of European artist colonies. For many cross-border measures, his main concern is to network friendly relationships across Europe.

His works are stylistically assigned to neo-expressionism. But according to his own statement, art must be as diverse as life. In all of his work, what is depicted is never definitely determined. Many things remain puzzling, ambiguous and multi-sensory.
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Schuld und Sühne