Grötzingen, Germany

When Guntram Prochaska reaches for the chainsaw, works of art of a very special kind emerge. The action artist, born in Karlsruhe's Grötzingen district in 1958, is a wood saw composer who breathes new life into the uprooted trees in a very unusual way.

Prochaska1 HWith the help of his noisy hand tools, he creates sculptures that are several meters high and are now admired in 40 countries. Prochaska, known worldwide as the “artist with the chainsaw”, also sees his detailed wooden monuments as a universal art form that brings cultures together and makes people more aware of their origins.

The globetrotter received the inspiration for his art during a stay in the Sahara. He learned his art during a one-year trip on the African continent.

The fact that Guntram Prochaska always uses wood in his work is due to his special relationship with trees and their natural substance: “Wood lives and changes.” He says: “I scare the wood with the chainsaw so much that it voluntary reveals its shape. "
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