Milano, Italy

ALESSANDRA BISIFor me, art is an intersection point in which many components of our humanity diverge. At this point, which should not have definitions, the artists create visible and concrete processes precisely to express the humanity of all.
Art for me can be an autonomous composition to create a new reality or it can express, underline, ask questions about the temporal context in which it has light.
When it comes to pursuing an expressive goal, I look for effectiveness and I do not place limits on the choice of means that change according to the project.
Mine is a long path that has chosen a traditional and in-depth training that has progressively escaped to this day. I am a passionate abstractionist and with the same understanding I perhaps compose my projects which technically range up to moving images or digital construction.
In painting I do not perceive the difference between abstract and figurative in a clear way. All painting is a language that plays and is articulated in similar but unique and unrepeatable processes.
My projects are always in progress. In the past six years I have set myself various goals that I express with cycles of works. At the same time I don't stop painting on various supports such as paper, canvas, wood and fabrics.
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