Bonnelles, France

Above the mask our eyes remain open.
Photography is an excellent way to convey our messages, our feelings, our vision of things in this world. There is this will that I like in ARTISTS IN MASKS.

Michel started to borrow his father's Régula Sprint to photograph his family. Probably for fun, but with a touch of curiosity. He still remembers the local photographer who made good comments on the framing of one of his shots. Perhaps it was then that he began to look at photography in a different way.
Then he acquired a reflex camera and learned about film photography in the magic of the darkroom of an MJC. His infatuation for the image was born. He keeps in memory photographs taken from magazines, as many memories, feelings, and cultural references. He learned and felt by looking through the lens. This has never left him.
Even today, photography allows him to learn by observing and to transmit his vision. He is fond of the great authors: the humanists of course, with a special place for Mario Giacomelli. He also has a marked attraction for pictorialist photographers and is interested in alternative processes: Van Dyke and Gomme bichromatée touch and inspire him.
His series express feelings and memories in monochrome and black and white.
After the shooting, he "triturates" the image and "shapes" it by using superimpositions. He prints negatives to obtain images using the Van Dyke and Gum Bichromate techniques (A. Poitevin 1842). This allowed him to intervene directly on the photo with the tools of the painter and those of the photographer: negatives, brushes and pigments.
The images thus obtained transmit a message, evoke a memory without any form of hierarchy.
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