Versailles, France

Didier Bonnot 2Through painting, photography, sculpture or installations, Didier BONNOT questions the relationship between reality and fiction.
The series exhibited is entitled "Explosion florale". It proposes an immersion in a vibrant nature in opposition to the classic Nature Mortes.
Monochrome or multicoloured, it is an invitation to plunge into the sensory and emotional.

Self-taught, I live and work in Versailles.
My works are regularly exhibited in galleries, at art fairs or events, as well as in companies (Thales, Vinci, UMS, HEC...)

explosion florale 70 x 60 cm 2   explosion florale 130 x 100 cm    IMG 20220415 160116

Explosion Florale 1
Huile sur toile
70 x 60 cm

  Explosion Florale 2
Huile sur toile
130 x 100 cm
  Explosion Florale 3
Huile sur toile