Painter, graphic artist
Worpswede, Germany

Peter Klug 1I was born 1965 in Karlsruhe (Germany), grew up in Munich, studied cultural science, German literature and arts at the University of Bremen.
I planned and constructed my first stage design for the play "Faust I" in Munich, followed by performances in Bremen and Braunschweig in 1990/1991.
The first solo exhibition of my series "Engel" (paintings and graphics) took place in Bremen 1992, followed by the exhibition of my etching series "Gruppen – Massen" in 1993.
As a member of the artists group "die oberen 10.000", I worked on projects like "Ersatzreliquienhandel" (Bremen, 1994), "Hotel Intermemorial" (Kulturbahnhof Vegesack, 1995), the installation 5 tents in 5 cities "merkur – kunst&kulturtransporte" (Bremen, Braunschweig, Hamburg, Berlin, Köln, 1996) and "Im Turm – Unterm Oben Überm Unten" (Schlachthof Bremen, 1997); all of them took place in public spaces.
In 1995 I worked on a large installation called "Janus" together with Hans König and Matthias Duderstadt (Kulturbahnhof Vegesack).
Another stage set was realised together with Duderstadt for the play "Meister und Margarita" (Bulgakow) in Bremen und Hildesheim (2002).
For the next 16 years I´ve been busy raising children and earning money as a teacher for the arts and German Literature.
In 2018 I participated in the show "open ateliers" in Worpswede, my new place of living. This was followed by a number of exhibitions, like "Kunst auf der Wiese", Worpswede (2019), "Lebe dein Ändern", Worpswede (2019), "Zwischenzeit", Worpswede (2020).
In 2019 I founded the producers gallery "MIMIS ERBE" in Worpswede together with Signore Buccis, Jörg Steinbeck, Franziska Hofmann, Angelika Sinn and Christine Huizenga.
Participation at the multimedia project "Diktat der Gesundheit (?)" in Rostock (2021)
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Eiche, Guckkasten, Acrylglas und Folienstift, Peter Klug, 2020 Maske , Kohle und Aquarell, Peter Klug, 2021 Maske, Kohle und Aquarell, Peter Klug, 2021
Eiche, Guckkasten
acrylic glass and foil pen
charcoal and watercolor
charcoal and watercolor