Photographer, illustrator, author
Argyll , Scotland

Michael is a graduate of Ravensbourne College of Art and Design, where he trained as an illustrator. He later completed a Master of Philosophy degree at the Royal College of Art (his thesis was on application of illustration in naval architecture and shipbuilding, 1600-1900), and a Master of Arts degree at Middlesex University (Visual Arts Practice, Education and Management).

Before entering art and design education at the Arts University Bournemouth, Michael was employed as a full-time illustrator in England, The Netherlands and Germany. He has had freelance commissions in both illustration and painting for clients in Britain, Italy, Poland, Sweden, South Africa and the USA.

Since retiring from design education, Michael has lived in his adopted country of Scotland, where he lives with his American-born wife Kristan. And since retiring, his creative work has focused on photography, much of which is the result of travel to at least three continents. However, although photography is dominant at present, he still occasionally paints and draws.

In addition to authoring four books based on his photography, he has also written a book about one of his passions; the history of marine painting (The Art of Nautical Illustration: A Visual Tribute to the Achievements of the Classic Marine Painters). He has written and contributed to books on illustration techniques.

As someone born as an indirect consequence of the Second World War - his father was from London and his mother from Hamburg - Michael has always been averse to nationalism, believing very much in borders without frontiers, and in the cultural and personal benefits of international diversity, co-operation and friendship. He believes very much that visual and performing arts transcend nationalism and isolationism.

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