Taranto, Italy

I confess I am a self-taught man like everyone else in those late 60s. The only basic teachings i received, were my father’s: exposure assessment and manual focus, you should not miss.
My passion for photography was born on that day. At the same time was born the passion for the sea, transmitted by an uncle who looked like Bruno Vailati. My uncle loved photography too. The sea was the leitmotiv of our family.
I’ve been working as a photographer for 40 years, and in every shot I perceive the same feeling of adventure that I used to feel in the distant 60s.
I often travel for work and this experience leads me to appreciate more and more my native land: Taranto.
My images want to enhance the Sea in general and emphasize that natural beauty can also be found not far away from home.

opera squitieri polichete assclaminternational 70x100 opera squitieri posidonia oceanica assclaminternational 50x70  opera squitieri spirografo assclaminternational 30x50