Taranto, Italy

She is fond of travelling and sensitive to social and environmental questions. Passions for Puglia, for the south of Italy and for the beauties of nature and art are equally very important.
She participated in several workshops, photography portfolio reading, nature photography and reportage with photographers Gabriele Basilico, Gianluca Colla, David Scagliola, Carlo Pinasco , Fabio Blanco, Erminio Annunzi, Sandro Santioli, Stanley Green, Donna Ferrato, Denis Curti, Gianni Berengo Gardin and Shobha Battaglia. She has exhibited in Rome, Turin, Taranto, Bari, Reggio Emilia, Tuscania, Viterbo, Asinara Island, Buenos Aires, Perugia, Brindisi, Strongoli, Messina, Syracuse, Paros, Athens, Naples, Milan and Aliano. She has published photos and reportages on the site of and the monthly The Photographer, nature photos online on National Geographic - Environment Italy, photos of the event in Bari in 2008 against all mafias Lavocelibera Association of Libera of Don Ciotti, nature photos Focus on the monthly and daily of Puglia.
Several shots were published in a book "One hundred and two tours in Puglia" and a catalog with the same title published by Gelso Rosso of Bari. A reportage on cremation in Agra was published on and her photographs have been published on the covers of italian books of fiction, poetry and essays on the environment in Taranto.

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