Taranto, Italy

He was born in Statte, Taranto in 1947 and has worked in telecommunications since his adolescence. Brilliant and creative, he has collected a considerable amount of objects that technological evolution has made obsolete. The artist assembles them as expressive tools without welding, with impressive technical and artistic mastery, so as to plastically represent some salient issues of the history of thought evolution. His artistic research feeds on his philosophical and literary readings. The central theme of his works remains the crucial relationship between “cogito” and imagination, utopia and disenchantment. His works have been exhibited in group in Urbino and around Apulia. His first solo exhibition was oraganized by Associazione CLAM international in Taranto in January 2019, followed by another solo in the Museum of San Martino’s Basil, in Martina Franca Taranto. He lives and works in his cave-workshop in Statte-Taranto.

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