Taranto, Italy

Carmen Manco was born in 1962 in Taranto where the years of the Scientific High School allow her to take possession of the fundamental rules of technical drawing and to apply them in the elaboration of various graphic themes; freehand drawing further stimulates her creativity. Learn to learn about tools and techniques, assimilate operational and expressive modes, grasp the importance of observation and the intensity of the sign. Simultaneously with her humanistic studies at the University of Lecce, she devoted himself so much to painting, deepening her cultural baggage on the visual arts as well as philosophy.
Immediately after graduating in Education with merit, she is placed in a group of young collaborators in the Philosophy department. She writes a short essay entitled: Nietzsche – Peguy and The Problem of hertory, published by the philosophy department of the University of Lecce and by the imprint Gerbert of Aurillac – France, in Amitiè Charles Peguy, Bulletin d’informations and de Recherches. She completed her studies in the psycho-pedagogical area in Rome, at the “La Sapienza” Interuniversity Consortium. At the same time, she started an intense artistic activity that led her to be, according to the critics, one of the most significant voices of iconic Italian female research.
She deepens her visual culture with particular interest in the great season of Impressionism which becomes an apologetic movement of the subjectivity of the artist, with a predilection for the landscape and an interest in the prevailing color on the drawing. The impressionist experience will allow her to tackle the recurring themes in a luminous way. her painting en plain air is crucial, with the consequent attention to the light element, changing in the various phases of the day.
So that the artist investigates the various experiences of the great protagonists of Impressionism, she elaborates ideal repertoires composed of elements that will remain constant over time, both for her landscape production and for that of silent natures, as well as when she faces the theme of women and “New slavery”. Over the years, the artistic commitment becomes more and more intense and receives wide acclaim from critics and the public. Among the works carried out from 1989 to 1995, there is no lack of interesting watercolors in which she explains the perception of the geometric forms of the sensitive reality through abstraction.
From 1997 to today, the exhibitions become numerous. She is invited to prestigious national and international exhibitions of contemporary art, counting numerous first prizes and valuable awards. her works are present in public and private collections. In 2016 she won the “Spoleto Festival Art Award” and in 2017 was selected by the Critical Committee chaired by Vittorio Sgarbi for the “Arte Milan Award” .

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