Taranto, Italy

He was born in 1952. He lives and works in Taranto. Curator of the Artisan Historical Exhibition of the Arsenale M.M.
From a young age he became passionate about sculpture and from wood he came to clay, a humble and primitive material of his land, to describe his vision of human relations through ironic and dramatic figures. His rich artistic production is centered on the interpretation of the feminine and through evolutionary phases he reveals his artistic nature capable of continuous technical research and experimentation with expressive languages.
Since 2017, the date of his first solo exhibition in the Municipal Gallery of the Aragonese Castle of Taranto, he has exhibited in several private and public locations, such as: Milazzo Castle, Caruso Gallery-Milazzo, Mentana Gallery-Florence, ROA Gallery London, Basilica San Martino Museum- Martina Franca, Spazio CLAM- Taranto.
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