Painter / Sculptor
Taranto, Italy

Schiro, was born in 1956 in Taranto , where he lives and works.
His artistic activity has been expressed for more than twenty years in various forms, from painting to pictorial sculpture, to ceramics.
In 2015 he donated one of his works to the Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao, after having participated in a collective exhibition held between October and November. “Pure surrealism” has been written of his works; he uses color and avoids nuances, creating images that seem to overlap, in the coherence of the surreal theme. Unique works, new subjects of art that also suggest the metaphysical message, particular effect, for schematic realities and images in spaces of symbolic interpretations; certainly his work is projected into the future of artistic innovation.
After numerous collective at the Start-up Gallery, in 2018 he held a solo exhibition in the Municipal Gallery of the Aragonese Castle of Taranto and in group exhibitions, in the Galleria Mentana in Florence and in the ROA Gallery in London. Since 2018 at the Spazio CLAM in Taranto.-

SCHIRO Taranto, Italia   FIESTA