Doctor of musicology, musician, composer, conductor and music teacher
Wangenbourg, France

Christophe FORMERY, concertist performing throughout Europe and beyond, on both recorders and harpsichord, is also a doctor of musicology, arranger and composer. Trained first in Strasbourg (university and conservatory), he then perfected his musical practice in the Netherlands (The Hague) and for the theoretical part and contemporary music, he joined in Paris, the training supervised both by the IRCAM, EHESS, CNSM, ENS *. He has taught in France and Germany.
In 2015, he founded the Orchester de Flûtes à Bec du Bas-Rhin (unique in France) for which he writes and arranges most of the repertoire, and performs regularly in concert in various formations.
In 2016, he co-translated interviews with composer Klaus Huber (… von Zeit zu Zeit…).

* IRCAM: Institute for Research and Coordination in Acoustics and Music (founded by Pierre Boulez) / EHESS: School of Higher Studies in Social Sciences / CNSN: National Superior Conservatory of Music / ENS: Ecole Normale Supérieure
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 CHRISTOPHE FORMERY Engenthal le Bas France Masque a bec de gaz  CHRISTOPHE FORMERY Engenthal le Bas France mask contrebasse aĚ bec