Watercolor artist
Maredret, Belgium

Korean watercolor artist who lives in Belgium as a nun

- Studies:
Korean traditional painting at Seoul University,
engraving at the Higher School of Decorative Arts in Strasbourg
- Exhibitions (individual or group):
in Seoul, Strasbourg, Longwy, in Switzerland, in Germany
- Realized the triptych at the church of Lexy in France

Since I live in a convent, I am a little cut off from the world. If you ask me my opinion on Europe, I will say vaguely that Europe is too tired of its culture in every way. It is necessary to revive it with the design of Robert Schumann. Everyone has their place for this purpose. What Gerd is organizing with this exhibition will be a great initiative, for example.”

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 YOUNG SOO SOEUR AGATHE Maradret Belgique  young soo young soo 2 
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