Graphic-designer, pixel-artist, painter
Munich, Germany

IainChristina v. Puttkamer, graphic-designer, pixel-artist, painter. I live and work in Munich, sometimes in Grötzingen as a guest-artist with Guntram Prochaska ( 

A powerful nature is shown on my paintings: geological, vegetal and animal elements are captured in a magical moment, in a correspondence with human consciousness. They are a taste of lucid dreams, archetypal visions or shamanistic dream time experiences. Man is not a gardener, but a co-creature and surrounded by the living - a perception of the world that is seldom present in our everyday consciousness. The figures shown move in worlds that are not subject to any physical laws. The light has mysterious sources, the landscapes shine by themselves. The atmospheric is the actual reality.
Some of the images are composed on the computer from photos that are blended into one another and alienated. After printing on canvas or other materials I sometimes rework them with different materials. Others are completely pixel-free – just acrylic paint, gold, iron rust.

My work is a tribute to the magic and beauty of nature.
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